Our masterbatch products with chalk will sustainably reduce the carbon footprint of your film. At the same time, they provide good anti-blocking properties, better fabrication properties and improved film mechanics. We will be happy to advise you on this for your specific application.Thanks to our WK UP®sorb CO2 additive, you can also convert your films into CO2 absorbers. Certainly also an absolute novelty in your industry!

If they use a high proportion of recycled materials, they often have unpleasant odours.
In this case we would like to refer to our WK UP®sorb O 2965. It binds odours sustainably and recycling-resistant and can be used in low dosages of approx. 2 %.
In case of moisture problem we recommend our additive masterbatch WK UP®sorb W 2165 (or ... W 2065 on recycling basis). Even with 0.5 - 1 % dosage, you can continue to produce films with a good surface without pre-drying.

Our post-consumer PE regranulates comply with all REACH regulations and can be used to a large extent in film production.
We are also happy to take over your packaging waste and recycle it into regranulates or finished film products.