For one and a half decades now, the name Walter Kunststoffe has stood for reliable granulates as a raw material for film production in the plastics industry. Our customers produce collection bags, packaging films and hoods, construction films and agricultural film products from the various types, usually using less than 100% of our regranulate.
The high-tech plants running around the clock produce a raw material in a quality-assured and quality-certified process, which can be drawn on film thicknesses of less than 25 mµ. The many years of experience of our dedicated team guarantees the highest regranulate quality for our customers.

At the Wels site with approx. 40 employees, more than 20,000 tons / year of collected, dirty plastic films are processed, most of which come from the collection of used plastic packaging. These quantities correspond to approx. 1,000 truck loads.

The collection material comes from the separate container collections at commercial and industrial companies as well as from the sorting facilities which sort the contents of yellow sacks and yellow bins. Since it was founded in 1993, Walter Kunststoffe has invested far more than 15 million euros in equipment at its production site in Wels and we have been one of the most important recycling partners of the ARA / ÖKK system in the field of plastic packaging for one and a half decades now. 
In a high-tech, ecological processing plant at the Wels plant, high-quality regranulates for the production of new film products are produced from used, discarded plastic waste. This makes Walter Kunststoffe, which is still privately owned, one of the most important companies in the plastics recycling industry in Central Europe.

In our company are taken over:
  • Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE) - plastic film waste
  • from industry, trade, commerce, agriculture, construction and household
  • both clean and dirty
  • pressed into bales or loose

Recycling in Wels complies with the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance and the Waste Management Act and meets the highest ecological standards. A marketable new product is produced from waste, whereby the energy consumption is only approx. 1/3 of that of new plastic, the water consumption in the percentage range of that of new product production. At the Gunskirchen site, the valuable polymer raw material produced in Wels is also used for compounding with qualitative additives and masterbatch products are thus manufactured.